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D I G I T A L   |   G R A P H I C  D E S I G N

Here are few examples of work done for clients.

Promote Waipu Logo Horizontal Tagline-01 - TPRNT-01.png

Building of Promote Waipu website. Please see website link below:

Smooth - logo white - TPRNT.png

Re-branding of marketing material and building of  Smooth FM website. Please see website link below:

SmoothFM FB Cover New - 2020.png
ACT - LOGO ML white on black - TPRNT 2.p

ACT Logistics was established in 1998. It has gone on to become one of South Africa’s leading providers of courier and logistics solutions and recently incorporated the XtraSpace Express and ParcelJet courier brands.​

Unfortunately, I cannot take credit for logo design, but I've been privileged to have compiled and created their brand manual. Click below to view.


From the start of Sunshine Radio, I was responsible for the whole brand and re-branding of the company for a good 4 years of my career. This example is the second to last brand that I've created for Sunshine Radio. Please see below the Brand Manual/Guide.

EM Logo - white - FINAL - PNG -

The client has digitally drawn up an example of the logo he wanted. He described the logo to be a more defined box look, with the three letters in the correct perception to form the box illusion. He asked specifically for the 3 colours as seen below:

R: 39

G: 55

B: 145

R: 22

G: 165

B: 74

R: 92

G: 39

B: 114

Client's feedback: 

"Hi Leigh, Thank you, it looks really good. I will definitely use you in the future. Regards, Everd"

MvW Make Up - LOGO 1 - white - TPRNT 2.p

Megan Van Wyk is a professional make-up artist, for whom I created this brand as per her design desires. I have accentuated only her initials as I felt it was a clean look but still creative and adds an extra sassy-ness to her brand. 

Also seen below are her business card design, front and back. On the back of the business card, I've inserted her services in the image of a make-up pallet, to create that option feel when deciding your make-up. Also next to it is a voucher design, which can be used long term as the info fields can be entered in manually by hand. 

MvW Make Up - Business Card - front.png
MvW Make Up - Business Card - back.png
MvW Make Up - Voucher.png
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